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Yahoo Search Marketing

Yahoo has earned a distinct position in internet marketing and search engines list. Now a days Yahoo is one of the major Pay Per Click search engine on the internet. Yahoo Search Marketing, formerly Overture is an important component online advertising campaigns.

Online advertising is now an important component of some of the most successful branding campaigns. Yahoo search engine marketing is able to provide better CTR (Click through Rate) and ROI (Return on Investment). Bidding for Yahoo Search Marketing is crucial for online business as the ads also shows up on major search engines like Yahoo, Altavista, MSN, Alltheweb and many more. Yahoo PPC Management can be considered as an important factor to win the PPC search engines war.

Key Features Yahoo Search Marketing

  • Yahoo publisher networks comprises a huge percentage of internet users
  • The Yahoo Publisher Network now accepts PayPal transfers as a payment option. To encourage small publishers YPN has set out the minimum payout for PayPal transfer as $50.
  • With the help of Overture’s listings the advertisers have received over 170 million highly targeted sales leads per month.
  • Ads placed on Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) can also be displayed on Yahoo! AltaVista, AllTheWeb, InfoSpace and Dogpile.
  • Yahoo PPC management is great for is great for targeting local customers by displaying the listings based on geographic locations, target audience, language, country and even distance form your business.

Yahoo Search Marketing Expert : PPC Campaign Management.

  • We assist you to successful manage your Yahoo Pay per Click(PPC) Campaign and help you to reach on top.
  • Our bidding management team maintains the minimum and maximum bidding gap to generate more and more Return on Investment.
  • We find out more suitable keywords for Yahoo Pay Per Click Campaign and Yahoo PPC Campaign.