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Publisher’s Networks

The Publishing Network comprises of Yahoo Search Marketing, MSN AdCenter, Google AdWorks. What is common with all these advertising tools is the fact that they all render heavy volume of high quality traffic. Interested individuals can sign up for a free account and get their ads created on any of these three advertising tools to promote their business online.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

is an online marketplace that renders companies a highly economical channel to advertise their services and websites. Ads placed on Yahoo! Search Marketing (Overture) are served on its various territories counting as Yahoo! AltaVista, InfoSpace, Dogpile and AllTheWeb,.
With us, you can have your campaign set up in a few minutes and can instantly start advertising your products and services on Yahoo! Search Marketing. All our clients’ ads from the Yahoo! Search Marketing network will be featured on leading search engines and numerous other information portals.

Google AdWords

AdWords are described as simply short text ads getting published next to Google and on partner search results. Powered by Google, it is a PPC program where one can create ads and select keywords related to the concerned business.
The program enables instant exposure on Google as well as its huge network of search and contextual partners counting as Ask, CompuServe, Earthlink, Netscape, AOL, Shopping.com and many more. Google AdCenter is known for delivering the highest number of hits and generating potential leads.

MSN adCenter

A competent Pay- Per -Click advertising tool by Microsoft network, allow its ads to get displayed on Search results pages, or on MSN-affiliated websites with related content. AdCenter ascertains the proper positioning and ranking of ads by taking into account several factors such as keywords, type of content displayed on participating websites, etc. Naturally, you need not worry about this aspect, since we are there to support you with all required services so that you can enjoy higher ROI and Click through Rate for your ads.

We make it easier for you; our services include

  • Setting up your account.
  • Conducting keyword research and availing profitable key word ideas.
  • Developing a highly engaging advertising copy targeting the exact keywords to generate higher ROI.
  • With Yahoo PPC management, we help you maintain the minimum and maximum bidding gap in order to produce a decent amount of Return on Investment.
  • Complete management and monitoring of your ad campaign, the budget, ads creation, performance etc.
  • We house a dedicated team for pay per click management working 24/7 in order to maximize your internet advertising results.