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Online marketing is full of hope now a day, Pay per Click advertising and Search engines Optimization are the two most important online business promotion techniques. Organic search engine optimization produces better Return on Investments, many studies have proved it but if Pay per Click advertising has been done strategically equally beneficial.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per click refers to the advertising technique in which advertisers are charged only if a web surfer clicks on the particular ad. PPC ads appear on the search engines as “Sponsored Listings”. PPC advertising allows advertisers to target on related fields, industry or a particular geographical location. PPC is often considered as the instant method to drive targeted traffic towards the website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization refers to optimize the search engine ranking based on many factors like link popularity, page rank, etc. The listings for SEO appear on the main search results of search engines, which are known as organic search listings. SEO seems to be quite methodical and long term approach.

Pay Per click


  • One only has to pay when the ad is actually clicked by the web user.
  • PPC is an instant advertising method; traffic generates after an hour of account setup.
  • One can emphasize more on competitors search term and find out the shortcomings of the campaign.
  • Excellent advertising method to target for specific seasons and particular regions with geo- targeting.
  • Facility to track the campaign performance and ads responsiveness.
  • Great method to increase conversions and to generate leads.
  • Pay Per Click rankings are more stable and predictable than SEO.
  • As compared to SEO PPC advertising method is less tedious.


  • PPC never improves the search engine rankings it only helps you be up on the sponsored listings.
  • PPC advertising seems quite expensive as compared to the natural SEO.
  • PPC advertising program is totally money oriented, once you stop paying your as will no longer appear on the listing.

Search Engine Optimization


  • If one reaches on the top positions at the search engines one can stay there.
  • More web searchers look for organic results. (around 60% )
  • Can appear in hundreds of search results page.
  • If compared to PPC, SEO is quite economic.
  • It doesn’t cost’s every time when a visitor clicks on the website.


  • In the long run SEO is quite a time consuming task. Search Engines take upto six months to index new pages.
  • No guaranteed placements.
  • No immediate results.
  • A longer and hard work demanding procedure.
  • With search engines constantly changing algos one has to change the strategies also.