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PPC Management Plans

Each PPC management service is unique and has its own considerations of targeted keywords and estimated budget. To help you understand your PPC management services and analyze it better in terms of cost and effectiveness, we have attached below a fully customized PPC pricing calculator. Just put in the number of targeted keyword and monthly budget based on your preference to get familiar with the total management fee based on our selection. Our monthly PPC management plans come with customized solutions that are targeted to ensuring maximum return on

PPC Pricing Calculator
Select the number of keywords you want to target:
Select your monthly budget for CPC charges:
Your Setup Cost Will Be:
Your Monthly Management Fee:

Set up carries :

  • Analysis and discussion of initial strategy
  • Comprehensive research of keywords
  • Setting up for accounts for Google, overture etc
  • Creative ad development and deployment
  • Identification of effective landing page
  • Setting up ad groups, keywords etc
  • Analysis of campaigns and keywords
  • Installation of tracking codes

Monthly Management Plan carries:

  • Strategic management of bids to generating maximum leads
  • Monitoring the conversion ratio and scrutinizing the click-fraud practices
  • Continuous development and refinement of creative ads for maximizing CTR
  • Personal discussion and consultation with experts if needed
  • Monitoring the progress and effectiveness of campaigns
  • Monthly reporting suggesting the necessary improvements

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