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PPC Bid Management

PPC Bid Management Setting economic bids to maximize the number of revenue-producing business leads is the real trick to win PPC game. One has to manage the bids strategically to generate maximum leads with minimum bidding. It’s not important how much the bid is, the bid should be strategic enough in order to get clicked. Some words seem to perform great, but are very expensive to bid on.

Many less expensive but highly relevant words may perform very well. We only have to find out these words and figure out how much to bid for them. Not only maximum bidding rate can generate revenue producing customers for your business but there are strategic bids which really works.

Identifying Max CPC is Most Important

First step towards the PPC campaign is to set up the budget for campaign. Identifying the maximum CPC (Cost per Click) is also important. CPC may vary from search engine to search engine and time to time. A better approach is to base the CPC on your profit margins. Ad conversion ratio, profit margins, advertising budget and other factors should also be kept in mind. Don’t waste money bidding unnecessarily to reach on the top spot. Bid strategically so that maximum clicks can be generated with the minimum CPC. Monitor your competitor’s ads before adjusting bids.

Our Bid ManagementWe use proprietary bid management solutions to obtain the lowest possible cost per click for our clients. We have developed our own bidding strategies after analyzing the PPC market and top bid positions. For specific bidding strategies some times we rely on third party bidding management software. Our approach is not only restricted to make higher bids to get top positions but we prefer bidding economically so that the budget doesn’t exceeds. For each and every campaign, our bidding management team performs proper research and market analysis, then after we set up bids for the campaign.