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MSN AdCenter

MSN adCenter is Pay- Per -Click advertising tool by Microsoft network. Microsoft has the second largest search property among the search engines. Microsoft launched its own PPC services via MSN ad center in late 2005. Till 2005 MSN was collecting a portion of the ad revenue in return for displaying Yahoo’s ads on its search engine. Ads created on MSN adCenter can be displayed on Search results pages, or on MSN-affiliated websites with related content.

Managing ad campaigns on MSN adCenter includes following steps:

Campaign Management Create ads; enter, import, and edit keywords; start and pause ad campaigns.

Accounts & Billing – Create and manage accounts, and view billing invoices and monthly charges.

Research – Investigate keyword statistics and demographics

Reports – View detailed reports about your advertising campaigns

Microsoft adCenter determines the placement and ranking of ads by several factors, including search keywords entered by the user and the type of content displayed on participating websites. We provide our services to assure higher ROI and Click through Rate for your ads.

MSN adCenter Advantage

  • Traffic is reliable and pretty high
  • Demographic targeting is available
  • Less competition and lower click costs
  • Backed by Microsoft – Popularity will enhance surely.
  • Ads can get tied in with numerous other MSN services e.g. Messenger, Hotmail, MySpace etc.
  • Most important feature of MSN adCenter is the ability for ‘day parting’, where one can stipulate at what time of day the ads appear, or on which days of the week Effecting the responsiveness of the PPC campaign, advertisers can have more control on the ads campaign.

Our Services Include

  • Setting up your MSN AdCenter account
  • Thorough keyword research and getting profitable key word ideas
  • We develop effective advertising copy that best targets the keywords in order to generate higher ROI
  • Set up an appropriate budget based on experience and AdCenter estimates and your budget allotments.

Being the late player, entering the PPC game MSN adCenter is an effective tool to promote ads. With MSN every month more than 40 million people search for products and services that you may offer.