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Google PPC Management

Now a day Google is like magic word in the internet world capable to create instant results for the web publishers. About 80% visitors of any website come on the website through Google only. Google is definitely one of the most popular search engines and if we go hyperbolic-the most popular.

Google AdWords

AdWords can be defined as simply short text ads that appear next to Google and partner search results. Google adwords itself is a PPC program by Google. One can create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases related to the concerned business.

Google AdWords Network

Google AdWords pay per click advertising program allows instant exposure on Google as well as its huge network of search and contextual partners. AOL, Ask, AT&T Worldnet, CompuServe, Earthlink, Netscape, Shopping.com are some of the examples. Google AdSense website owners can also display their ads on their own site and earn money every time when ads are clicked.
One can target on specific keywords to gain maximum hits on the ad which can be ultimately resulted in lead generation. One has to pay only for customers who exactly click on the advertisements. Google adwords leads the publishing networks with its unique services and features


  • Cost-per-click (CPC) model allows you to pay only when a customer clicks on your ad.
  • Minimum price bidding for keywords starts from 5 cents and it can go up to 50 dollar. It’s easy to pay the lowest possible amount to reach on top.
  • In Google adwords Click through Rate and Cost-per-click together determine the placement of ads. That’s why only the best goes up.
  • Google adwords services are more prominent and fast, once you create an account, your ads appear within minutes, connecting new customers with your website instantly.
  • Geo-targeting is the most unique feature of adwords. In Geo-targeting customers can be targeted geographically based on specific requirements.
  • Time management in Google adwords is matchless. Seasonal traffic can be easily generated if desired.
  • Pay per Call is the latest dominant hit in the field of online marketing. Advertisers receive a phone call regarding products and services which is generated by a web form.

Importance of the PPC Ad Campaigns

Advertising programs are the most profitable sources of earning for the publisher networks and the advertisers as well. For the 2006 fiscal year, Google reported $10.492 billion in total advertising revenues and only $112 million in licensing and other revenues. Market analyzers are predicting, by 2010, online marketers will spend $7 billion dollars on PPC advertising

Future Pay Per Action:
Pay per Action allows advertisers only to pay only when a desired task is completed. Advertisers can set a definite set of actions for their ads and they have to pay only when the action is triggered by the user.

Our Role
We offer complete Google AdWords pay per click management services. We analyze the maximum and the minimum bidding gap between the keywords and go for the most striking and reliable keywords. We generate new keywords and replace the non performing ones. We look after your ad campaign, its budget, creation of ads, Performance etc. Our dedicated team for pay per click management work 24X7 to maximize your internet advertising results for Google AdWords.

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