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Creative Ads Development

For successful PPC management, captivating ads are created that are well phrased with relevant keywords. The prime focus is to increase the ad’s Click-Through Rate (CTR) through the catching titles and ad description.
PPC ads act like a gateway to attract the potential customer to your site. If you have the right words in your title and description it can insure you quality traffic and good ROI. However, if the ads are not specific enough, you will receive lots of irrelevant traffic and unnecessary clicks, thereby increasing your PPC expenditures and reducing your ROI.

A PPC ad comprises of the following sections

Title: Titles play the most important role driving the customers. Lead generation initiates with the help of a catchy and compelling ad title.

Description: Description carries the most appealing characteristic of the web publisher ad in the form of a brief introduction.

Landing URL: When the ad headline is clicked, landing URL redirects the customer to the URL. Being very precise, landing URL is the address of the ad’s landing page.

Our Focus

  • First of all we try to find out your target customers. Based on this we prepare the best keyword list and copy write for your ads.
  • We create several ads for the PPC campaign to be posted on search result pages.
  • We can create text ads, image ads or new text link ad for your Pay per Click campaign. Text link ads are brief text descriptions carrying the main characteristics of a publisher’s page.
  • Ads are made of titles and descriptions and are designed from the user point of view based on location, spoken language and other factors.
  • We create ads appealing, informative, unique and selling.
  • For successful PPC campaigns ads placed should be based on web usability.
  • In order to get better Click through Rate and higher ROI we ensure ad titles and description relevant to the keywords.
  • Ads should be catching enough to reflect the target business and to achieve the business goals.
  • We ensure successful copywriting for ads based on the research and evaluation of similar campaigns.
  • All PPC engines have specified and limited characters for ads. We try to create creative ads but the rules and regulations defined by certain search engines are strictly followed.

Further Assistance

We monitor the ads daily and analyze their performance at regular intervals. We monitor the number of clicks ads are receiving and how many of them are generating leads for your business. Our prime focus is to use keywords that are used most often by searchers and drive targeted traffic. We try to keep titles and descriptions eye catching and innovative.